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Small businesses need as much help with sales and marketing as possible to grow. This website is for all you entrepreneurs out there that have taken the journey to grow your business.

Today, there is not much help out there to help business; grants are drying up, government funded advisors are rarely accessible, and many business agencies and consultants want high fees. That’s not to say the fees aren’t worth it as I’m sure lots of businesses go on to benefit from the advice given. But it sure is hard to pay for advice and coaching when you are not collecting thousands of pounds in cash flow every month. So what do you do when you need answers to your business problems right now?

Interest in small business origins

When I was a young boy, before I heard of concepts like Business Link or the Federation of Small Business (fsb), I saw this great business entrepreneur Richard Branson on television growing his empire and having fun. I even read his book. Did you know he started virtually with just a few pounds?

I too wanted to create a decent small business that offered something useful to people. One day, I visualised I would be a success with my Mercedes and membership with the Chamber of Commerce. I wanted to find a way to get there.

So in my early twenties I graduated university with a BA in Economic and Social History, and then an MA in Marketing Communications to work in the commercial world.

I have also been involved in entrepreneurial activities such as running a take away and creating a football board game with a business partner as a free lancer that Marks and Spencer sold in over 200 stores in the UK. This was a mixed success; very high when you see your products on the shelves of Marks and Spencer, and lows were due to inexperience as we were young and were not wise to very subtle contract clauses that the procurement director and team put in.

Additionally, I worked as a funded business advisor to start ups too at Enterprise4all, an offshoot of Business Link. Lately, I have worked in sales and business development in businesses. So some experiences are my own, some from observing business owners, and some working for other people at the money making end of their business.

Learning about business

On my journey I learnt a lot of practical ideas and techniques used by all sorts of businesses from sole traders to large corporate money hungry businesses. Plus I have worked as a business advisor (as mentioned earlier) and watched other seasoned business advisors in action; and the odd business consultant who would charge thousands of pounds an hour for their lectures.

So with this in mind, this blog is a way for me to pass on experiences that are both mine and from other people that have had either a good or bad impact on the business. Plus you won’t have to pay for all the thousands of pounds for hiring a consultant – simply by reading the ideas on this web site. Best of all, you won’t have to spend years reading Business Week or the Financial Times for that little bit of practical knowledge that will make a difference for you.

The issue of finding business solutions

Like you there will a time in the day where you want practical business answers. Often, I tried reading books, searched on the internet, and could not get the answers.

When the football board game was created, we approached other business people and even asked “smart” people I knew to hear their answers, because I thought I was smart by doing this, all to no avail. I also joined the Chamber of Commerce (yes I got in) and spoke to the Federation of Small Businesses (fsb). I needed help in how to sell a mass produced board game in the top retailers. But no one could offer any solid advice (eventually it got into Marks and Spencer and featured in the local Lancashire Telegraph newspaper - click here to see the game).

My main issues included: how do I launch a new product, how do I get into a big company with my product/service with a small unknown brand (like Marks and Spencer), how do I know decision makers are really interested in what our business can offer, how do I put our business ahead of strong competition, how do I increase revenue; and ultimately, how do I become more profitable.

In order to find solutions to my issues I had to proactively find the answer like reading a book which is 300 pages thick, or listen to the odd YouTube video on my phone while washing up, because you never know what you might learn.

How do you benefit?

So after taking all this information in I wanted to provide a way for other entrepreneurs to have the information I was looking for that would have helped me. I hope some of the subjects you find here answer at least some of the questions and saves you years of searching and possible eases some of the pains you have with your business. So in essence, this web site is here for you as an instant resource – for you to get answers now.

I won’t charge you to access the web site, but I will be really flattered if you donate to let me know what I am writing here is of use to your business. This keeps me writing and running this website on my old laptop. I’m doing this in my leisure time in hope that this is of high value to one or two businesses out there.

I really hope that an idea or two you find on this web site helps you enough to make a difference. If this leads to improving your business or more profit, then that’s great. And then you use this extra profit to do something meaningful like book that holiday you wanted or to buy that present you want for someone.

Many readers will know much more than me, or have a great idea that works well in business; so please share it by dropping me an email at: I will look at it and give you full recognition if it is posted. Let me know the article your feedback is relating to and I will post the comments.

Even more help for your business

I’m still as desperate as the day I first saw Richard Branson on television to know how to get there as a very successful entrepreneur like him, and we all need your help and feedback. That’s so I can post as much value as possible for readers.

Oh, and one day I plan to provide some eBooks too for you to download to help your business further. But only when I have written eBooks of high value. I’m sure you’re getting to know how I want the information on this site to be positioned on the web by now. Did I mention value? So that’s the introduction. The web site is now yours to browse through. All the best for now.

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