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The Law of Attraction: Intention Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction: Intention Law of Attraction: by Jason Li 2013 ©

As a sceptic... I originally thought the law of attraction was a load of rubbish...

In fact, an outright scam...

A way to take money off desperate people...

But I now believe it has worked in some ways.

Do you believe? Read on to see my story.

The Secret

I first came across this about three years ago when people and the media were raving about The Secret.

I thought, “Let’s be open minded and at least learn something new, even if I don’t agree.”

So here’s what I learnt.

In summary, if you believe good things are happening in your favour, soon your desires will be fulfilled, such as; you will be walking on a nice beach on holiday and feel the warm sun and the sounds of the waves; the universe will help you get there.

It’s based on vibrations.

So if you think negative things like: we don’t make many sales on a Monday or no-one calls our number anymore – guess what – the universe agrees and delivers your negative vibe... because it is what you want. 

(That’s right, time to gag that energy vampire in your office right now.)

“You get what you wish for”

You get what you wish for has been a known saying throughout time.

The law of attraction is mainly based on this philosophy, and you have to control your mind to ensure you only get what you wish for.

And it has happened to me.

I used to complain that I lived in an economic zone where jobs were low level unskilled  and low paid, so there were no decent graduate level jobs to apply for.

Maybe in a way I liked to prove this too.

Even though I desperately wanted a high paid graduate job, my negative vibes fed me low paid office jobs.

The Law of Attraction for more money

After managing and turning around a failing takeaway during the day as a challenge as an Interim Manager, while co-creating a board game each night and weekends, my attitude changed from looking for a low level job to looking to be a business advisor as I believed I was more than qualified to do so.

And so, not too long after winning a contract from Marks and Spencer to have 10,000 board games in over 200 stores in the UK, I got a job in a government funded agency and got to use my specialist marketing strategy skills.

I was unwittingly using the law of attraction.

I was focusing on what I want, mainly because I really believed I could help people, not just because of my Master’s Degree certificate, but because I proved it that I can both fine tune an existing offer (takeaway) and create a new product (board game) from scratch that beat many household brand name competitors.

So the law of attraction process started when I was ready to sacrifice in the short term an office career and go all practical in doing a business turnaround by running a takeaway, and sacrifice my nights inventing a new product.

“Money will come when you’re ready for it”

Now all this is in vain if you can’t get rich fairly quick.

We all want to have lots of money and free time.

It never happened for me in the past, I’ll admit that.

Again, I desperately wanted the money and the option to do what I want with my time.

Recently I heard a podcast and a very successful entrepreneur said a few years back he was poor and desperate to be rich. He was maxing on credit cards and working all hours, but his businesses were struggling.

And you know what... his mentor said:

“Money will come when you’re ready for it.”

He said he is ready for it. Of course he is; he’s desperate for it. But substantial money never came.

But now, money comes to him all the time, and it makes sense.

Law of attraction gratitude

Part of the law of attraction is gratitude.

Gratitude when you have an opportunity, whether it ends in a result you want.

So let’s say a prospect enquires. Even if they do not buy, be grateful and thankful (say thank you in your mind) that you had a prospect enquire, no matter what the outcome is.

This way you are telling the universe that you are thankful for what has been give to you.

It’s like when a referral has come from your network. It may not turn into an order. But you should thank them for the opportunity.

So if you think negative in a way such as: “I hate all these time waster callers.” Well guess what, the universe takes that on board and the prospects will start to reduce in numbers.

Now, at this point, for those new to this, it does all read a bit hocus pocus. I don’t blame you because I was in the same mind set for ages. So only you can decide to carry on reading this or re-read it again with an open mind.

Law of attraction leads to change

There are so many people who complain about unfortunate bad luck or how they just missed out.

So here is how the law of attraction gets you to where you want to be.

Remember above where I wrote that the law of attraction requires you to focus on where you want to be, the ideal result, outcome and feelings.

And also to show gratitude.

Well I have been focusing on the results of where I want to be.

In order to get there, I cannot carry on doing the same things I did yesterday, last week, last month or last year.

As you already know, doing the same thing leads to the same results.

And so I have to let the universe know I am willing to accept the changes to get to where I want to be.

It’s the only way my career and wealth can improve.

In order to take steps towards the results you desire, you have to say to the universe you are grateful for the changes that are presented to you.

If you don’t... then the universe believes you don’t want to change, and therefore you don’t want to achieve the better results.

No changey, no better resultsy: end up samey!

The law of attraction and this blog

So this blog was set up to give businesses ideas and tips to improve and get better results.

This can lead on to the human benefit of more free time as profit increases, more money to reward yourself and do more things in life.

But readers can only get to the results if they are willing to take a chance and try new ideas and new knowledge... to get to achieve a better result.

So, what would you like to attract for your business?

What would you like to change to improve your business?

What will you be willing to do to improve your business?

What would you be willing to pay if you could achieve a better result of overcome that nagging problem?

Please share this article if you think it will help or inspire anyone you know.

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