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Charlie Sheen sex tweets: Why you must appeal to psychological control

Charlie Sheen sex tweets: Why you must appeal to psychological control: by Jason Li 2012 ©

Have you ever wanted to be in psychological control of something?...

Like your income for the year?...

Or how to keep bored kids relentlessly entertained on vacation?...

Or have power and control over your partner in the bedroom like Charlie? (or any other room)...

Then you need to understand this little-known secret: you can use marketing psychology to help people who need to be in psychological control to achieve their dreams, to get you more customers. (And if you want an improved way for easy relationships then keep reading.)

Control of Destiny

Think back to the day when you started your business, whether it was part-time or freelance. Can you remember; it probably seemed so long ago, when you were so naive and raw, back when you were young, dumb, and full-of-ideas. You woke up in the morning, peeled back the blanket and jumped out of bed; because the world was ready for your high-octane blood-pumping winner’s energy. You felt like Bud Fox in Wall Street and the only way was up; right?

This was your business; you’re the boss: outright. You could decide whatever you want. In fact, to prove it, you could even crawl back into bed. Ha. No boss ever allowed you to do that. But you knew better than your last boss, and you can do whatever you want. You are in control.

This is what every living thing on the planet be in control.

Charlie boy wanted sex, so he paid for it. He wanted sex his way, so he paid for services to suit his needs. Charlie wants to go on to Tweet while he is having sex, and boy does he fulfil every need. Message received. Charlie Sheen sex Tweets are so-o-o his way of feeling in psychological control of his needs, his environment, his life.

Alternatively, people may argue that in fact it’s the contrary, Charlie is getting out of control. But then, can the argument be that most people’s lives are out of control, and apply to everyone. Let me explain.

I like to work on keeping trim with an emphasis on building my arms and keeping my stomach flat. I have an athletic build so don’t want to look beefy. But if I stop working out for just a few weeks I just look slim with a beer gut. If I see the beer gut in the mirror, the thoughts in my head are of me seeing the man who used to play football regularly and work out now giving up to the world of work and middle age. Anyone with me on this so far? And so, I work out like a machine with no feeling or sensation with free weights while watching TV, just to numb the pain of working out; because working out is just dead boring and it is such a chore.

So for me, working out is a way for me to keep psychological control of my image; my youth, to delay the transition of turning into come-home-from-work-and-crack-open-a-can-of-beer man. Of course, I buy weights to build my arms, but that’s only part of the reason I bought my free weights.

Beauty industry

How many adverts on TV show a female proclaiming to using a certain face cream? There must be hundreds on TV daily. Have you also noticed that the models are all pretty, whatever the age of the model?

The appeal to you as a face cream user is not just that it’s a favourite brand of yours, or that the cream feels nice on the skin, or that it keeps your skin soft. It’s likely to be for you to be in psychological control of a number of needs such as: keeping a youthful appearance, maintaining that you are still pretty so that you will not lose your pretty features, maintaining a superior pretty face like the model in the ad so that you are prettier than other female friends or family and keep your place as the attractive one; but ultimately, so you control how pretty you can be.

Think of face cream this way: if face cream did not give users the feeling of power and control over how pretty they feel, would females still buy it; even if felt good on the skin?

Living near schools

I’ve heard of parents who have advised other parents that the best way for a child to go to a certain school which allows their child to get a good education is to live in close proximity to the school. (Funny that because as a child teachers used to say homework determined how successful you are. Why-oh-why did I work so hard while the European football was on telly?)

Now there are plenty of schools in every town and city. But some schools just seem to get more applicants than others. But it never stops parents wanting to take control and find a way for their child to go to a certain school. So what do parents do if it’s in their control?

Parents with the money can buy near to the school they want their child to get into. A real estate agent can show these parents better houses in better locations around the town, but if the real want is the psychological control of where their child goes to school as their priority, so they can control the chances of their child getting a good education, then these parents will only buy in a certain area.

More relationships

I can’t directly promise you have more control in relationships, or get more relationships. But if you can master marketing to people’s psychological control, then you are likely to be more successful and richer.

According to the tongue-in-cheek band Good Charlotte, ‘Girls Don’t like boys, girls like cars and money.’ So you see, in a kind-of-way, I can help you get what you really want. So if you desire a higher percentage chance of more relationships, control your success.

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