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Use FREE business services to gain new customers within 30 days

Use FREE business services to gain new customers within 30 days: by Jason Li 2012 ©

Giants like Google offer free business services...

And within a few years the owners are billionaires...

Just by offering free business services...

It’s really ironic that companies can do this to make money...

There is nothing to stop your business doing it too!

Free business services company

By offering free services company resources can be invested in providing a sample to attract new leads. Now, you might be thinking that you set up a business to make money, so free means no money. Hey, I did the same a long time ago, and I even thought free was not possible for most industries, but I was wrong.

Let’s take some examples. In the music industry, many musicians will offer free samples to DJ’s to play at nightclubs and radio stations to get free publicity for their tracks. A friend of mine in a band called Cinemawave played at gigs around the country to create a following. Now they have just launched an album. They play after work and weekends and entertain people for free, or at gigs where you get charged £1 entrance fee and there are a few bands on; so virtually free too. They have also posted tracks on YouTube too so you can sample before buying.

I like to learn off different sales coaches and read sales books from time-to-time to improve my sales. Yes it can be boring to read a 300 page sales book. (But then you find a nugget of information to use in your job and it works which gives you more money and that allows you to buy entertainment as a reward for reading boring sales books.) Take Gitomer as an example. He is a sales person who writes and provides coaching seminars to sales people and businesses. Gitomer even provides free business services where you can watch YouTube videos for free to learn sales techniques. Once you are engaged, you will visit his website to learn more. When you do this, you have generated yourself as a lead for his business.


We all love free. Even billionaires love free. You must have seen articles in the newspapers where a wealthy person has used someone’s yacht or holiday pad like Richard Branson’s for free. Famous people always get free entry to the best nightclubs and restaurants because it helps keep the prices and exclusivity valid for the venues.

Free is possibly the biggest attraction in marketing. People stop to look at the offer if it is free. Your aim is to make sure that the offer creates value for the customer; it’s not something that’s a gimmick with no-use as many marketing people have done in the past. This is your chance to prove of value to the prospect, whether it is now or six months down the line.

What free business services can your company offer

Let’s say you are a cleaner and want to get more new leads. You may have never offered anything free before, so start small with low cost minimal time investments. You might want to focus say on winning business contracts by using free business services get you in the door to more lucrative jobs, so it’s worth offering free services to places where you can earn more money. An example maybe to help with a free health and safety assessment of the premises in terms of cleaning products. Or an environmental audit in terms of a cleaning viewpoint. (Make sure you get a decision maker to take part in this.)You could create a Word document which has interesting information on keeping the premises clean, computers clean, carpets clean and regular health related issues preventable by good cleaning processes. Or a document on which products are regularly used which are bad for the environment, or bad for skin rashes or allergies, and don’t forget to throw in a few pictures too.

If you are a shoe store, how about a free service such as leaflets on buying the correct footwear for comfort. Leaflets on keeping and maintaining footwear. How to choose footwear for different occasions such as sportswear for running or basketball or football, where the foot normally lands in each sport, preventing sports injury with footwear and so on.

Successful companies using free business services

facebook: The world’s most widely used social networking site used by individuals and businesses with fan pages. They make money from sponsored facebook ads.

Ning: An online community software site for creating your own social network that allows you to trial for free for a month. After the free period you can continue using the software by paying a monthly subscription.

Blockbuster: You can rent films for free when you first join as a member. Thereafter you pay depending on which service you choose.

Tesco’s: On every shop you can collect club card points. Every month you can redeem depending on how many points you've collected which equate to vouchers. Each voucher is basically free money to spend at Tesco’s. It’s hard to resist going back if you have free money!

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