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Unique Selling Point (USP): Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II

Unique Selling Point (USP): Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II: by Jason Li 2012 ©

Queen Elizabeth II has been in rule for 60 years (in itself a unique selling point!)...

During this time many celebrities and aristocrats have gained popularity...

But it is Her Majesty the Queen who is still the main recognisable brand of the UK...

Soon you’ll discover it’s down to her unique selling points (USPS) that competitors cannot match...

And as you read this you will feel ready to share your love for the Queen too.

What are the celebrities and aristocrats main unique selling points?

Think back over  last 60 years. We’ve had huge celebrities in the UK such as David Beckham, the Spice Girls, Beatles, Daley Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Stephen Hawkins, Hugh Grant, Sean Connery, Banksy, Kevin Keegan, Victoria Pendleton, Bradley Wiggins, Tom Daley and so on.

These are worldwide names with great appeal and fan base. In fact, some of these names dominate their category and are instantly recognisable brands. Sponsors throw millions at them because of their appeal to endorse their products.

So what unique selling points allow celebrities to be loved and recognisable?

1.       Fame Game

If it’s down to the fame game, then no-one batters the media like the Kardashians or Katie Price or David Beckham.

Near enough on a daily basis you will see an article of certain celebrities tweeting or being photographed. It’s impossible to get other news sometimes. You’ll just be peppered by news on certain celebrities. In fact, these days’ newspapers like the Daily Mail and Huffington Post actively feature celebrity gossip articles as they are so popular and it gains huge readership.

The Queen in reality cannot get this type of reaction. Yes a statement or a picture may be released regarding The Queen, but in reality, the journalists know that daily celebrity news gets more interest.

2.       Star in a film or sports event etc.

Many celebs star in events or tournaments which can dominate the press again.

Think of football. Beckham won the Treble with Manchester United and during that season would have been in the press regularly during the football season.

When you are starring in something popular and make society happy, you become incredibly popular.

Take Simon Cowell, since he has starred in X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent he has become a nationwide name. Telling people they cannot sing and watching people beg for his approval is a unique selling point that no-one else commands on earth.

3.       Give fans something to follow

Celebrities are usually born out of something that viewers or listeners can follow.

Take cycling for example. I didn’t know who Bradley Wiggins was a year ago. But I do now as they media followed him every day during the Tour de France.

Then they talked about him leading up to the Olympics. During the Olympics he was interviewed and followed relentlessly, and after when he was the champion the media wanted to show the world how he has been celebrating.

The media gives the masses a chance to follow somebody, to get to know them and make them a hero; or at least famous in a very intense way.

What are the chances of The Queen starring on an MTV programme? Minimal. And therein lies another opportunity for celebrities to have a unique selling point that The Queen cannot compete with.

So how does The Queen remain the most popular brand in the Royal Family, and what are her unique selling points?

1.       Head of State

She may not take part in sport, but she officiates and heads some of the most important events that affect our lives.

When a new party is elected to run the country, The Queen gives the nod. Imagine having that much power that it comes down to one person deciding the fate of a country.

2.       The Royal Family

She is the head of possibly the most recognisable and popular family in the world - even more than The Simpsons.

When the Princess of Diana was alive, it was because The Queen approved for Charles to marry her. The same has happened again with Prince William marrying Kate. Just by association, The Queen is closely linked with two very popular ladies.

Additionally, Prince Charles, William and Henry are also very popular. But The Queen is the most popular of all The Royals, and the most recognised.

If the other family members do anything that gets a lot of media attention in the press, it helps keep the interest in The Royal Family high. This in itself usually leads to more interest in The Queen.

3.       Wealth

The Queen owns some really famous and newsworthy assets that always gets into the press and is associated with her. Her assets can get press attention without her having to tweet herself to gain attention.

You have Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Crown Jewels as examples. Have you ever noticed The Queen’s collections are often mentioned in the press, such as her rare faberges eggs collection? Again, just by association to these she will be mentioned in the press.

4.       Feel Proud

Noticed how British athletes cried at the Olympics after they received their gold medals and sang ‘God Save the Queen.’

In fact, before many national games and tournaments ‘God Save the Queen’ is played and sang by the nation.

Which other famous person or brand has their own song played at important events and sung by the masses? This really is truly a unique selling proposition that she has all to herself. The Queen’s song makes you feel proud and signifies an important event.

That kinda makes The Queen important too.

5.       60 years and no mistakes

Yes, re-read that again.

60 years as the Head of State, and no terrible mistakes.

When you consider the number of ministers that make mistakes and resign, or stars caught in the press doing something deemed as wrong, or aristocrats and Royal Family members making bloopers – The Queen simply does not make mistakes.

To go so long and basically be perfect in her role, The Queen is the most trust-worthy brand in the world: bar-none.

Ultimately the above five USPs mean The Queen has without doubt the most unique selling propositions out of all the famous people in the UK.

Your unique selling proposition

What are the take-aways for your USPs?

It’s better to have more than one USP that is really important to people.

And as you’ve seen above, The Queen has USPs that really are unique that makes her more popular and important than any other famous person in the UK. People just cannot copy her.

If you like this exercise on USPs, then please share with others. You might have other ideas on this and can share them here for other readers.

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