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"Create horrific Bushman’s sales traps in one week – catch helpless prospects like a Bushman”

“Create horrific Bushman’s sales traps in one week – catch helpless prospects like a Bushman” : by Jason Li 2012 ©

We all know Bushmen are superb at catching animals...

Once they find an animal to target...

It rarely gets away...

The Bushman’s trap always gets rewarded.

How good is a Bushman’s sales trap that works?

It works so well it’s amazing I’m giving this away my idea for free. So don’t forget to share it with your business friends and students of marketing and sales.

Here’s the low-down.

In this modern age, there are different ways to convert a target prospective customer into a paying customer. (You can put your weapons down for a second.)

But first, it takes some creativity. Just follow the following practical guide and we can move to getting your business running a sales trap beautifully like a Bushman – are you ready to take the trial?

Monday – Build a better mousetrap

If you can, do some research on mouse traps. There are plenty of resources like Wikipedia, Google images and YouTube.

Have a look at lots of different designs and the way they are meant to trap rodents. Go one step further and try to understand why the mechanics work in such a way for popular traps.

Get your creative juices going to see if you can invent a new type of mouse trap.

Tuesday – Burmese monkey trap hand in coconut – for nuts

In some countries monkeys are trapped in different ways. One way is the Burmese monkey trap.

The tracker locates the monkey, then finds a coconut, drills a small hole and fills it with nuts, attaches it to a rope, then leaves the scene and waits for the monkey.

The monkey smells the nuts and puts its paws in the hole to try to reach the nuts. Now the hole is small so it really has to put its whole paw in to reach the nuts. Once the paw is holding the nuts, the rope is pulled to trap the monkey as it cannot get the paw out of the coconut.

Again, look at some resources to think about the mechanics of this, and see where you can improve on this.

Wednesday – You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink it

Just as the famous saying goes, it does happen with prospects. You can show them your products, lead them down a sales presentation, but not get the order.

Think about your business, you must have spent a lot of time or money to lead a horse to water (the prospect) but the conversion to order is not as great as you would like (you can’t make it drink it).

So right now, look at your sales process and see how it compares to the way the mouse trap and Burmese monkey paw in coconut trap work.

So thinking like a Bushman:

·         Does your trap really entice the right target?

·         Is your trap juicy enough for your target to actively take interest – good enough cheese?

·         Will your trap cause your target to forget all logic and danger signals to take action?

·         Being fair, what works, what isn’t working, what can you change with your resources?

Thursday – Take your Bushman trial, create your sales trap

You are now going to start working on a brand new sales trap for your customer, and you have all the resources in the world.

Start to think outside the box for this. Here are some examples:

Let’s say you are selling cars. Find out the 3 main reasons that people are on your forecourt or problems they had with their old car. When you have that information use it to build a trap. Let’s say you find that customers wanted to save on fuel, or have a car that holds value and is nice looking. Before you even get to a test drive, have some leaflets in the show room based on these reasons that customers are not happy with their existing car with a nice twist showing how your car overcomes these issues.

If fuel is the main factor for prospects, record your car on a road trip say from Birmingham to London and how much fuel is used. Show the customer in the show room a video of how the car just keeps on going on the same tank of fuel. Then at the end count out the amount of savings when compared to other cars on this trip. You could even get happy customers to film in their cars and get them to compare to their previous cars.

Friday – Build your new Bushman sales trap

Time to put it into action, take the first step, write the first words of your new sales script or call the designer about your new leaflet.

All you have to do is take the first step(s) to making it happen. Aim to have the first sales trap done by the end of today, no matter how small the test and how small the trap is.

Saturday – Testing, testing, 1-, 2-, 3-

Time to try it out.

Remember the days when you first started your business journey and were testing the market? Yep. Well this exercise should be much easier as you have so much more knowledge since those early days; when you sat there watching the telephone to ring. (Even today I still jump in disbelief when a new prospect rings me out of the blue.)

So get out there, do a test run and look for any mechanics to the trap that need adjusting.

Keep remembering: the Bushman uses a lot of different methods to pull in the target and guide them using the targets intrigue and interest further into the trap until they reach the point of no return. Continue to look at ways to tweak how your trap is of great interest to prospects.

Sunday - Prospects sell themselves

The ultimate Bushman sales trap is when the prospect is interested and is guided to the close by themselves. Basically when prospects overcome their own objections and sell themselves to place an order.

Congratulations, when you have achieved this you have built a true Bushman's sales trap.

Have you never seen a Bushman’s sales trap written anywhere else? – then share it right now. Thanks for sharing.




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