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How free business advice from Networking will save you £1000s annually

How free business advice from Networking will save you £1000s annually: by Jason Li 2012 ©

Businesses all want free business advice...

That’s why successful business people speak to other staff and their business network for ideas...

Even millionaire’s get advice in cigar rooms...

It’s a great way to improve your business for free...

In fact, I worked as a business advisor for a business advisory agency that was an offshoot of Business Link. Clients that wanted help found we saved them thousands of pounds from the advice, and possibly hundreds of hours in guiding them in terms of knowing pitfalls to consider.

Recently I was listening to an entrepreneur who just sold one of his businesses in the last couple of years for a few million dollars - and he is still reading every day for new ideas to improve his other businesses. So if he is still learning, then there really is no excuse for anyone else to put in an hour or two a week in learning more.

Free business advisory help

When was the last time you asked someone to help you with something that has been bugging you? There must be something that you want an answer to but have just never asked anyone. You know, something you see every-so-often or makes you wince when you hear it from customers.

There’s always people you know, whether its businesses on your street to people in your network who can help you – at no cost. These are resources that may have had the same problem as you and tested out different solutions. Imagine the feedback you can get from these people to save your investment in time and money so that you can get to the right solution quicker.

Free business help

How often do you go to a networking event to meet both people you know and new people? Is it all based around just selling to each other; you know: “Everyone’s selling but no-one’s buying”. In groups of three or four people holding a drink just waiting to be asked, “So what do you do?” and then you’re off the leash like a dog in the biggest greenest field, alas – free running with your pitch.

But no, it’s not your turn to bore people stupid. Remember you were looking over their shoulder while they were feature dumping you everything possible about their product or service, so what makes you more interesting? Try giving a summary of what you do, then...

”Why not try to ask each person to help you at your next event with two problems that you want solving by the end of the month. See what happens. What is there to lose?

If you want broadband that does not go down or has quicker upload time, ask people for advice.

If you are struggling with book keeping or expensive and difficult book keeping software, ask other owners how they do it better or make it easier.

In business, we all want to improve revenue; but improving business operations is also important. So next time you speak with people, don’t just pitch your service, ask for knowledge to improve your business too. It’s also more productive for you to use a contact as a referral sale for your business and as a productivity contact. Plus your contact will feel really good if they help you, and it may solidify your relationship.

‘You can now get two benefits out of each contact: for a referral sale and productivity advice’.

Free business services

Some places have advisors like your local business support agency or wealth managers so use them for free advice. And they also hold events. These are great to meet new important contacts.

Every contact has something which can add value to your business.

Or you can set up your own event. If you have the mindset of seeing each business contact as a valuable information source for you then you will reap the benefits.

Free business information

Another important way to gain leverage from your network is to give them free business information. As you can see from this blog, I give out information to people who read about business ideas and practical methods. It’s something I enjoy, and I hope to pass on as much knowledge as possibly, especially from other business people with valuable business ideas so that readers can always improve their business. People who like my blog will one day refer to their network to visit my blog which benefits me in the long run.

Can you use free business advice from networking to save money?

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